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Document Preparation

Storing documents in lever arch files is fine for managing documents that are in current use but is impractical for long-term document storage. Rocolo reduces the cost of document storage by flat packing your documents into protective storage boxes. We also offer a document preparation service, which involves removing documents from files, as well as the removal of staples, paper clips and treasury tags. This is a critical process prior to scanning and indexing the documents for storage, enabling fast retrieval of your paper and scanned documents.

Document preparation at Rocolo

Rocolo Document Preparation

To save you time in preparing your documents for storage, we offer an on-site document preparation service.

Document preparation is a critical process prior to the scanning and storage of your documents. This is a task that we are happy to undertake.

On arrival, we’ll remove documents from any files, including removal of staples or treasury tags. Once your documents have been scanned, we’ll catalogue the documents in our secure storage boxes.

Files will be arranged in chronological order, but we can accommodate your own ordering system if you have a specific preference.