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Document Storage

Your company’s stored documents can very quickly overflow into your valuable office space, often resulting in a collapse of your internal document retrieval system. Rocolo offers a solution by securely storing and managing your documents offsite, taking the weight off your shelves and a load off your mind.

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With Rocolo you can securely and cost-effectively store your important business records in our secure facility.

Reduce your clutter and make more productive use of your office space with our archiving services.

An organized and efficient storage system for your files saves time and resources for you and your staff.

Increasing statutory requirements mean that your business is compelled to retain more and more documents every year. Rocolo relieves the burden efficiently and securely.

Are you moving offices? Don't take your old clutter with you - Instead create an archive with Rocolo.

It's cost-effective - Storing your documents with Rocolo costs considerably less than using valuable office space.

Secure collection, storage and delivery of your documents makes using Rocolo easy, efficient and cost-effective.

Need access to your stored documents? Why not make use of our meeting facilities?