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Document Scanning

Document scanning is becoming more and more popular as it enables companies to have their paper documents stored offsite, freeing up valuable office space whilst allowing a company to still have instant retrieval and viewing of their scanned PDF documents. With our document scanning service your document might be offsite but it will never have been closer to hand.

Document scanner

Rocolo Document Scanning

Scanning and digital storage provides an efficient and cost-effective way of managing your company's documents. The entire contents of a filing cabinet will fit onto a single CD which can easily be searched from your desktop.

Document scanning provides the critical foundation for your Disaster Recovery Plan - protect your essential documents from fire and flood.

Rocolo uses state-of-the-art Xerox scanning equipment, securely scanning both sides of up to 480 documents per minute and producing high quality images. This technology is designed to handle documents of different sizes, weights and types up to A3 size (420 mm x 297 mm) in colour or mono.

The scanned documents can be indexed digitally with keywords if required. This makes searching the files quick and easy. Any kind of document can be scanned, including architects drawings, charts, books, tickets, letters and memos.

Combined with Rocolo's Document Storage services you have a powerful document management tool which saves you time, money and above all gives you peace of mind.