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Like all organisations, we recognise that Rocolo's activities and services have an impact on the environment. In order to further minimise our company’s ecological footprint we are committed to making a positive and very long-term contribution to our planet by sponsoring Tree Appeal to plant native broad leaved trees which promotes biodiversity, creates habitats and improves our environment for this and future generations.

School tree planting

Rocolo and Tree Appeal

Trees are the longest-lived organisms in the world. They provide homes and food for innumerable species of birds, mammals and insects. By planting trees today we are ensuring the survival of species threatened by habitat loss, maintaining the ecosystems on which our lives depend and safeguarding our ecological heritage for future generations.

Tree Appeal plants trees to promote biodiversity, create habitats and improve the environment for people. The trees are sponsored by environmentally responsible businesses like Rocolo that want to make a positive contribution and reduce their Ecological Footprint.

Through Tree Appeal's Trees for Schools initiative, many of these trees are planted in the grounds of schools throughout the UK, usually by the children themsleves. Trees for Schools is designed to encourage schools to make the most of their grounds by planting trees. This helps create woodland habitat, increases biodiversity and, most importantly, provides an excellent learning resource - planting the trees, watching them grow, seeing how wildlife is encouraged, charting the changing seasons and weather.

Visit Rocolo's page on the Tree Appeal web site.

Tree Appeal badgeIf you print any of our documents please tell us the number of copies and we will offset your print as part of our Tree Appeal initiative.